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Interested in having me in your city?

 I would love to create an experience that would help grow, strengthen, and cater to your community.

Here are some of the programs I offer :

**minimum 4 hours for booking

contact me for pricing packages! 


Brazilian Zouk and/or Lambada: 

  • Absolute Beginner Tracks

  • Bridging Brazlian Zouk to Lambada

  • Fundamental / Advanced Fundamental Work

  • Dimensions

  • Groovement within the frame for leaders + followers

Solo Technique

  • Leg Positioning 

  • Hip and Pivot Movement

  • Arm Pathways based on momentum

  • Pathways for the head + head movement 

  • Turns + Rotation


These are a few options to work with! 

We can mix and match to create something special for your community!

Let's collaborate!

Private Training Sessions:


Wanting more focused training for smaller groups or just one person?

Contact me for pricing and packages!

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