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Jessica Lamdon, also known as "Unicorn", (the nickname she was crowned by her mentor and partner Ry'el ZenZouk) instructor, performer, actor, and MC, has been dancing since she was 8 years old.


She began with competitive international 10-dance ballroom dancing and was fortunate enough to compete and place in international competitions such as Black Pool and represent the US in the Worlds Competition in 2007.


Jessica flirted with other Latin dances and styles. She then totally emerged into acting for stage and film throughout high school and college, while earning her BA in Psychology.

Along the way, the Unicorn got bit by the Brazilian Zouk bug in 2012 and never recovered.


Your Unicorn has had the honor of training under her mentor, partner, and founder of ZenZouk Ry'el Velandia and getting certified by ZenZouk and Kim Rottier. She has had the pleasure of traveling to teach and perform in congresses all over the world. Jessica also had the privilege of partaking in a professional workshop and performance of hit show Braz Dos Santos's Brazouka.


Jessica is so proud to be representing ZenZouk and grateful to have Brazilian Zouk Lambada be in her life and the lives of others. She is so humbled and excited to share her discoveries in movement



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